Since 2012 we’ve been inspired by your pet’s life in an overtly metropolitan city. LoveThyBeast designs timeless, unisex canine wear, durable pet carriers, plush beds, edgy jackets, and all the essentials in-between.

Our pack is on a first name basis with the makers at textile mills, solid brass distributors and cardboard manufacturers who are all located within a 200-mile radius of our design studio. LoveThyBeast is highly focused on locally sourced materials and American-made products.

Started by a stylist and designer Tiziana Agnello who, at the time, needed a pet carrier for her elderly dog with feeble joints. LoveThyBeast was born out of a necessity that did not exist in the pet world. Followed by a lengthy hunt without any luck, Agnello decided to design her own pet tote that combined utilitarian functionality and seamless integration into one’s personal style. Since then the demand for the tote was widespread – and the apparent void in the pet market has finally been filled.