Butterfly Chaser

Indulge your cat’s inner hunter!

The Whirling WigglerTM allows your cat to stalk and hunt safely with each movement and vibration. It’s also great for cats that need to stay occupied and need a little extra exercise! The double butterflies allow this toy to have two flight modes, chase and play. The wire slider lets you change the flight modes of the butterflies. The Chase flight mode (wire slider down), means that one butterfly is flying freely, while the other is chasing closely behind. Play flight mode (wire slider up), lets the butterflies fly in sync as they playfully flutter around the base of the toy.

OurPets® Whirling WigglerTM has an easy twist-off base that allows you to place two AAA batteries into the toy. Flip the switch to on and watch your cat bat at the two fluttering butterflies. 

  • Dual butterflies provide a “lifelike” flying action
  • Wire slider allows butterflies to interact in a variety of ways
  • Spinning and chasing action stimulates cat’s natural instincts
  • Measures 8”x3”x3”