Drink Up!

TORUS™ watering bowls store up to 1L of water inside their reservoir walls, filtering the water as it automatically dispenses. Its large capacity means less filling and its low profile means less spills or mess. TORUS™ has lock, fill and drink functions making it ideal for travel. TORUS™ does not require batteries or a power source and has a 12 month warranty. Each bowl comes with one carbon filter and the range includes replacement filters.

  • Made from BPA-free, food grade material, this spacious bowl holds one liter of filtered water.
  • The large reservoir ring stores water before it passes through an active carbon filter and into the drinking well and unlike fountain-style waterers, this design doesn’t need a power source and is easy to transport, even when it’s full of water
  • Designed with soft rubber feet and a solid design to keep the bowl from tipping or sloshing, helping to eliminate mess
  • Comes with a cap that can be removed for refilling or locked to hold water in the reservoir when you’re traveling
  • Perfect for homes cats and small dogs.
  • Need new filters? Click here!
  • Keep your floors squeaky clean by pairing with a Silicone Food Mat!