We're happy your visiting us around the holidays, nothing is better than your little beast by your side! 
We wanted to offer a Black Friday sale to our lovely customers but we need to discuss the fine print and get your paw of approval beforehand. 
  • All items purchased during the Black Friday / cyber Monday sale are final
  • This means we will not accept ANY exchanges or refunds from your order that are purchased form this collection
  • We can not make any exceptions and we really need your support on this. We never intend to make anyone upset but we treat each and every customer the same.
  • We will not be able to offer these items on sale in ANY of our store locations
  • We will not be able to discount any future or previous orders
  • The great news is, these items are awesome and you can get a deal right now! You can still get free shipping with purchases over $100 - yay! 
If you agree to the terms above, please click the link below to get access to our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale. If you do not agree it's best to shop our regularly priced items in store or online. Thank you for understanding!
Happy Shopping!