Serve their meal in style and complete their dining set with this wooden tray.

  • Stylish; complete the look of their dining set
  • Non-slip; features a non-slip finish along the bottom
  • Comfort; keeps the bowls in place and protects your floor from stains
  • Sustainable materials; made from rubberwood, for a green and animal-friendly planet


  • S/M : 9" wide - 16.5" long - In combination with all cat bowls + small and medium classic and slow feeder dog bowls 
  • L: 10" wide - 19" long - In combination with large classic and slow feeder dog bowls


  • Avoid prolonged exposure to wet food or liquids
  • Clean with water/wet cloth, avoid use of acidic products
  • Annual maintenance with a layer of beeswax or olive oil will provide long-lasting care for the wood

Rubberwood plantations provide all the latex to make natural rubber. After about 25 years, latex tapping is no longer profitable. The plantation is felled and replanted. However, the wood of the rubber tree is very valuable: beautiful light color, high stability and low shrinkage.