K9 Sport Sak - 4 Colors!
K9 Sport Sak - 4 Colors! K9 Sport Sak - 4 Colors! K9 Sport Sak - 4 Colors! K9 Sport Sak - 4 Colors! K9 Sport Sak - 4 Colors!

Take your pooch wherever the adventure goes with the K9 Sport Sack Air Forward Facing Backpack Dog Carrier. Now your pal will always be part of the action, even when he can’t keep up, because this innovative design allows him to sit comfily on your back with his head out for uninhibited visibility and engagement. It features ventilated sides for the full al-fresco effect, easy-pull zippers, adjustable side pockets for all your essentials, and a collar hookup D-ring for added safety. Thanks to the thick bottom rest pad, your dog can sit comfy while he rides “piggyback”, while the Foam-Tek slotted shoulder straps keep you cool. Plus, it even has a velcro soft side so you can add custom name tags and lights.

  • Veterinarian-approved design with built-in safety D-ring for collar hookup and fully ventilated sides.
  • Features a thick rest pad so your pal can “sit” comfortably, while leaving his paws and head out to explore.
  • Easy to put on with adjustable chest strap for your pooch, adjustable shoulder straps with whistle clip for you, and easy-pull zipper.
  • Great for hiking, errands, long walks, rucking and everything in between, with light reflecting chest strip for added safety.
  • Additional features include adjustable side pockets and a velcro soft side to add custom tags, lights and more.
Size: Length: Weight:
Large 2–23” Up to 30lbs.
Medium 17-20” Up to 20lbs.
Small 14-17” Up to 14lbs.