Tick Twister® is a set of instruments specially designed to remove ticks from the skin of animals and people. It is an instrument that allows the user to hold the tick without compressing it and to remove the tick by twisting motion rather than pulling. This technique is safe and remove ticks completely! This is the ultimate anti-tick weapon, a small and ergonomic tool that is fast and easy to use.

Favorite Features

  • Removes ticks from animals and people.
  • Removes ticks of any size.
  • Enables a safe tick removal.
  • Enables a quick and painless tick removal.
  • Doesn't leave the tick's rostrum (mouthparts) in the skin.
  • Doesn't squeeze the tick's abdomen, reducing the rick of infection.
  • Unbreakable, hardwearing and reusable.
  • Sold in pack of 2 hooks (one large and one small).