Been there, here is our best solution !

How many times has your dog tried to escape by backing out of its harness? The result of "that one time my dog escaped from its harness" can be a scary one. If you're fortunate, you might be able to catch your dog before something happens. But as dog parents ourselves, we are all certain that none of us want to ever take that chance. 

The  Escape Free Series were created for exactly that. The Patented Escape Free design contracts the harness when dogs try to back out, which tightens the space around their body and hugs them tightly so the harness will not slip off. Plus it is actually very comfortable. 


Neoprene Body The same material used in wetsuits. It is physically tough, durable, all-weather resistant, and provides cushioning and protection to your pup.

POM Plastic Leash Ring The same material used in seat belt buckles. Both lightweight and extremely durable.

Soft Padded Shoulder Compressed foam inside the shoulder area provides protection and added comfort when pulled.

Microsuede Trimming The soft microsuede trimming around the edges of the harness provides protection for your pup against chafe, a skin irritation caused by repetitive rubbing.

Quick Release Buckle In house custom designed buckle for easy release and puts less stress on your fingers.

Sizing Adjustment Tab Used to adjust the firmness around the chest such that even when the leash is off, the harness stays intact.


Size Chart: 





14" - 17.25" (38-44CM)

4 - 12 lbs


16" - 19.25" (41-49CM)

12-20 lbs


18" - 21.75" (46 - 55CM )

20 - 30 lbs


20.25" - 24.75" ( 51.5 - 63 CM )

 25 - 40 lbs



*if your dog is in between sizes, please size up