Our Hands-Free 100% Cotton Rope Leash | 8ft in Length.

The most versatile & comfortable walking leash for busy people who love to multi-task or like go running with their pups. This is our go-to leash for long walks. Easily the best leash for any busy pet owner who needs an extra hand for coffee or for running errands around the neighborhood.

How to Use:  Fitting is adjustable to fit your waist, or worn as a crossbody. Simply rotate & move the O-ring to your desired comfort.

Can also be used as a standard 4 Ft walking leash. 

* 8 Ft long rope  * 0.5 in rope (dia.)

* 2 O-Rings for adjustable fitting + poop bag holder, etc.

* Light gold hardware & tag

* All handmade & hand-dyed color

* 100% Cotton Rope 

* Ideal for walking smaller sized dogs. Any hands-free leash is not advised for dogs that tug & pull, or need additional leash training.