A new edition to our paw care line, Perfectly Pure Paw Gel Cleanser is a perfect everyday paw cleanser.

Proper Cleansing - Dirt, Germs, and Bacteria Properly clean and care for those adorable paws. Common feet washers and paw wipes are not able to get to where dirt, germs, and bacteria accumulates causing paw irritations - especially between pads.

With Sleepy Cotton Sanitizing Paw Gel Cleanser, you can SUPER CLEAN and care for paws the right way, properly eliminating possible paw irritation causes.

No More Mess - No Water Needed After a walk, all you need is a soft dry towel and Sleepy Cotton Sanitizing Paw Gel Cleanser. Squeeze the gel on your fingertips (or hand) and massage the paws. Thoroughly massage paws, pads, and between pads applying just enough Sanitizing Paw Gel Cleanser. Wipe out the excess gel using the towel.

That’s it! If your dog is extra messy, squeeze the gel on the towel instead.