So Fetch !

This is the perfect toy to use as a reward for manners training exercises.

We've also found the Squeakair to be a great way to bring the outside, inside. It's softer than a tennis ball, but firmer than a classic squeak toy. The familiar squeak keeps your pup interested in the game, and the toss is more satisfying than low-impact plush balls. It's a quick way to cure the zoomies, or for a quick game of "compromise fetch" when you can't go outside.

It should be stored when you aren't using it, to prevent ingestion

It is far better than a regular tennis ball, because it has a nonabrasive fabric that will not wear down a dog's teeth. This is a major issue for dogs who love fetch, and often end up with filed down teeth from the problematic fabrics in balls made for actual tennis games.



X- Small - 1.5" Round

Small - 2" Round

Medium - 2.5" Round